Welcome to Nissen Web Site! Nissen is a company which creates clean and safe environment. Our policy is shown in the statement of the Nissen President and our company profile.


SaniCom System is our sophisticated Deodorising System using Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). It can strongly sterilise and remove stench from the air with ultra minute particles of the chemicals made by our special technique.

The system is suitable especially for hotels, restaurants, food plants, hospitals, and garbage incinerating facilities.

In Japan, our systems receive strong support from users, and we have started to export them to many countries.


Welcome to the Nissen web site!

SaniCom System is the food poisoning prevention equipment!

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Nissen believe a power of resellers and its adding value by sales channels. We believe also that SaniCom system can make people enjoying clean and safe environment.

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