The Statement of the Nissen President , Kochiwa Dou

Nissen K.K. was established in 1974, as a company that helps to create clean and safe environments.

We believe that a common theme for everyone around the globe is the desire to live in hygienic environments. We help to create that by guaranteeing the fundamental elements of pure water and pure air.

Although in the past, few people have been concerned with environmental issues, these days, pollution from transportation, dangers from mass production, chemical waste and environmental toxins have become global concerns, due to the damage they cause to the biosystems. The greenhouse effect has influenced the earth by assisting in the propagation of pathogenic fungi. Medicines and antibiotics have also conversely encouraged new mutations of old germs. The potential dangers are becoming huge.

It is time for people to recognize the scale of these problems.

We have developed the SaniCom system, equipment designed for the prevention of food poisoning from germs such as O-157, in accordance with HACCP stipulations. The equipment is ideal for use in the food processing plants, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, schools, hospitals, and old people homes.

Our product makes use of environmentally friendly disinfectant chemicals. The ULV system uses a fine mist to achieve optimum effect. That is why we believe this system to be ideal for the prevention of food poisoning in public places. Furthermore, the product contributes to the prevention of in-house contagion and has a deodorizing effect.

Our wish is to use our 25 years of experience coupled with up-to-date technology to make a contribution to today society. We cannot consider a 21st century existence without considering our environment.

We wish to present our technology in harmony with nature.