Our major products and business

We work to create a clean and comfortable environment. All our products and commodities are for a clean life.

Igea eco cleaner

This system is an epoch-making cleaner with a water filter. Unlike conventional cleaners, ours does no excretedust, this cleaner will enable to you to clean mats, stuffed animals and sofas with soap. The product is especially helpful for atopic dermatitis caused by household dust.

SaniCom System

SaniCom System is our sophisticated Deodorizing System which usesStabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). The system will sterilize the air with ultra minute chemical particles made by our system.


CleverTrick is a compact air cleaner with a special filter which can absorb ultra-fine particles and is effective against mold, ticks and smoke.

Steam CarpetCare System

This new carpet care system with its extremely strong absorption power not only absorbs house dust, but also bacteria such as colon bacilli and staphylococcus. With its pressurized steam cleaning ability, stains are removed easily.

We have skilled cleaning technicians available for your use and franchise opportunities are also available.



Ray Cat is also an air cleaner adding sterilizing function by ultraviolet rays to an ordinal air cleaner facilities.

Soap MagicHand

Soap Magic Hand is a surfactant-free detergent, especially effective to oily-dust.