What is SaniCom System?

SaniCom System is an Deodorizing System which is effective against escherichia coli (O-157), yellow staphylococcus, intestinal inflammation organism salmonella and food poisoning as well as for the prevention of bacteria, microorganism pollution, and removal of offensive putrefaction odors.

The system is suitable especially for restaurants, food plants, hospitals, and garbage incinerating facilities.

Why we consider it our task to create clean and safe space?

Human kind has constantly struggled against diseases for long time. Thanks to the effort, we can enjoy longer lifetime than before. We have been fighting with what are inside of our bodies, and making efforts to cure of diseases. However, we must know the danger of micro-enemies again.

In 1996, there was a terrible outbreak of food poisoning because of O-157, known in Japan as an escherichia coli bucillus. Even more rampant, MRSA has become ever more popular all over the world.

It has become necessary for business managers to provide a safe and comfortable work environment. SaniCom's effective deodorant function has been proven to be very helpful to workers.

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