Nissen Corporation Limited

Nissen Co. Ltd., was established in 1974 in order to create clean and safe environments.

In 1960s, Japan was enjoying a growing economy, which peaked in 1970 when Osaka hosted the world's fair. However, due to unregulated disposal of industrial effluent and house wastes, along with lack of systems to protect the environment, the environment has been seriously despoiled. Rivers in major towns were covered with numerous bubbles of strong and poisonous detergent. Smog from cars and plants loomed over most cities.

Early 1970s, people were slowly realising the danger of pollution and started moving to protect environment. We started our company under such pretences.

Since our establishment, we have been continuously striving to create effective facilities to protect the environment and to create clean and safe workspaces. Our efforts have been noted through our successful products and business.

We wish to have everyone enjoy a clean and safe environment.

The Nissen President's Statement


Nissen Corporation Limited

Morita Building 3F
Iwamotocho 2-16-5 Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo, Japan